The BDI Milo Laptop Table is Your Newest Sidekick

Striking a masterful balance between minimalist design and seamless functionality, BDI easily ranks among the world’s best names in modern furniture. As we can personally attest, standing desks like the Sola Lift and Sequel make for downright indispensable resources, improving productivity and personal health alike.

Given our ongoing love of the brand, we were absolutely delighted to get our hands on one of its newest products: the Milo Laptop Table. As we expected, the table comes in sleek, stylish, and optimal. Thanks to angular construction and a lightweight body, it’s also effortless to transport and consistently adaptable. Say hello to your newest sidekick, friends.

BDI Milo Laptop Table

One look at the Milo Laptop Table and you can already get a thorough sense of its minimalist allure. Designed by Louis A. Lara—whose previous visions have been employed by BDI to brilliant effect—the laptop table flows perfectly with pretty much any modern decor. Of course, that’s only scratching the surface in terms of its versatility. Weighing in at under 10 pounds and hosting an angled column leg with V-shaped base, the table slides up to pretty much any type of furniture with absolute ease.

BDI MIlo Desk

“The profiles and angles of the Milo Table were inspired by Futurist sculpture,” designer Louis A. Lara said of his latest creation. As soon as our table was assembled, we could immediately pick up on its sculptural aesthetic. Meanwhile, a glossy finish of toasted walnut delivered the ideal touch of rusticity, though not to the point of chipping away at the table’s modern aura.

BDI MIlo Desk

Yes, the Milo is lightweight, but don’t take that to mean it’s anything short of sturdy. With its leg and base of powder-coated steel, the table didn’t budge when we put it to use. That said, you shouldn’t jump on top of this thing to do your best surf dog impression, as it provides support for up to 25 pounds. Instead, use it to hold your laptop, remote controls, books, drinks, or anything else that you might commonly put atop a side table.

BDI MIlo Desk

The Milo Table measures 24 inches tall and comes available in either a Charcoal Stained Ash, Drift Oak, or Toasted Walnut finish. If you’re using it as a side table, there’s pretty much no type of furniture it can’t accommodate. Should you be using it to support your laptop, however, you’ll naturally want to position yourself so that you’re not overly hunched over when typing. Given the table’s effortless portability, that won’t be an issue. This one is definitely a keeper.

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