The Big Green Egg is a Versatile Range of BBQs

A BBQ grill is an essential part of any backyard or outdoor entertainment area. Although they can often take up a lot of useful space or exist as an eyesore amongst the greenery of the garden. I bet you didn’t think a product with a name like the Big Green Egg could be the solution to your problems. The Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile BBQs or outdoor grills on the market. With its dark green complexion and oval shape, the egg could blend in as one of the plants in your landscape (well almost).

Styled on the Japanese kamado charcoal grill, the Big Green Egg also provides you with the equipment necessary to smoke your meats. This multi-function grill is perfect for cooking entrées through to mains and deserts, and can accommodate for occasions of all sizes.

big green egg perfect commercial kitchen

With seven convenient sizes, there’s sure to be a Big (or little) Green Egg that suits your needs. The XXL is the largest of the series and is perfect for the home or a commercial kitchen. It can cook a whopping 40 burgers, 16 chickens, 20 steaks or an entire suckling pig. It features a grilling area of 4336 square cm and weighs over 200kg. You wouldn’t want to be transporting that one around. That’s where the Mini Egg comes in. The smallest of the range can cook 2 chicken breasts, 2 pork chops or one steak. It weighs only 17kg, making it the perfect solution for grilling on apartment balconies, or while camping, and boating. This range of grills may look strange but also proves there’s always room for innovation.

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