dyson lightcycle morph lamp

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph Lamp Perfectly Illuminates

Whether you recognize it or not, light—and not just any light, but quality light—plays a big role in your health. Unfortunately, we aren’t very particular about the kind of light that we use. Flickering, glaring, and blue light all affect how we go about our day and even how we sleep at night by messing with our circadian rhythm. Your best bet is natural light, which goes through a daily cycle. Mimicking that cycle and recreating that light is exactly what the Dyson Lightcycle Morph Lamp does.

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dyson morph lamp

“When trying to recreate the characteristics of daylight, light quality is vital,” explains Jake Dyson, the chief engineer for Dyson. For the Lightcycle Morph, that meant developing LED lights that automatically adapt to provide lighting that is ideal for you. Using its daylight algorithm, the Lightcycle Morph adjusts its brightness as well as the colour temperature according to the time, date, and GPS location of wherever it is. The light also factors in your age, mood, and the task that you’re involved with to offer you four settings: indirect, task, feature, and ambient. The “morph” part of the name comes in with the light’s ability to—you guessed it—morph into the four settings. The head of the light can rotate 360 degrees, making it useful for both direct and indirect light. Should you need more light, you can switch to task light. The feature light acts as a spotlight to highlight art or décor. When you’re ready to unwind, the reduced blue light and warm orange glow of ambient light is perfect.

lightcycle morph lamp

All that morphing and setting is controlled via the Dyson Link app, which connects through Bluetooth. You can use the app to choose from the four preset modes to create the perfect mood for whatever you’re doing. You can set it to a study mode with reduced blue light, or use the precision mode to display colours more fully. Relax mode gives you just the right amount and kind of light for reading before bedtime. And the wake-up mode creates the sensation of the sun rising by gradually brightening, helping you to wake up more naturally. If you’re ready for better, healthier lighting, then pick up the Dyson Lightcycle Morph as a floor light.

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