The Hender Scheme Heel Door Stopper Reminds You What Your Heel is For

We’ve all done it—arms loaded with packages or bags, there’s no alternative for holding the door open other than kicking your heel back against the door to prop it open. Hender Scheme has taken that practice and created a Heel Door Stopper. The stopper quite literally looks like it was cut off of a work boot or a pair of casual shoes. The top of the stopper is made from cow leather, which, as it is used, will get scuffed up and age, increasing it’s aesthetic. The bottom of the stopper—or the sole, as the case may be—is the same VIBRAM rubber used on the bottom of work boots the world over. Aside from its uniqueness, the great thing about this door stopper is its efficiency. The rubber sole, which sports the tread of a regular shoe heel, will have plenty of traction so as not to slide across the floor—whether carpeted or not. Additionally, the leather will have a bit of give to it, so you can pull the door tight over it and not have to worry about it slipping. Finally, this door stopper isn’t going to be breaking and cracking. It will be here for the long term, providing you your money’s worth of service.

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door stopper hender scheme

back view hender scheme stopper

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