The Sonic Any Battery LED Flashlight Isn’t Picky

No need to search all over for a specific battery with the Sonic Any Battery LED Flashlight. The flashlight, created by Panasonic, works off of any battery size D, C, AA, or AAA. The flashlight has four different slots for each type of battery. It produces 200 Lx for one meter ahead as a flashlight or 3 Lx for 50cm ahead as a lantern. Battery life in the battery has a maximum 86 hours of continuous use.

battery led panasonic flashlight

The different batteries are selected by twisting the dial. This is a great use for any of those single batteries that are cluttering up your junk drawer, or use it as an anytime, anywhere light that needs to be adaptable to the situation at hand. The flashlight has a convenient carrying handle, making it useful outdoors. It can also be stood upright as a lantern to light up a dark room or tent. This flashlight is a great survivalist tool.

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panasonic led flashlight handle