The Two-In-One Self-Defense and Screwdriver CRKT Williams Tactical Key

If you ever have to stay on the metro a few stops too many, walk home at night alone, or need to do some home repairs or maintenance on the go, the CKT Williams Tactical Key is the tool for you.

self-defense crkt williams tactical key

This personal defense tool is disguised as an ordinary key, fits on any key chain, and can change in an instant, from a utility piece to a weapon on self-defense. With a well-balanced handle and secure grip, the 9705 Defense Key Chain Tool can make you feel safer wherever you are. By inserting the tip of the key through your second and third fingers and gripping the handle tightly, even a weak punch can turn into a dangerous proposition for any potential attackers.

williams tactical key

Designed by former Army officer and martial arts instructor, James Williams, this tool is both functional and practical. If you don’t have an issue adding one more key to your belt, throw this piece of equipment on there and enjoy feeling more safe and secure wherever you are. Besides practicality and effectiveness, what’s so great about this product is its price point. For relatively cheap, you can add an impressive tool to your repertoire, and one that will serve you well if you ever need it.

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tactical key

crkt tactical key tool

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