The Uncrate x Poritz Studio Toolbox will Motivate You to Clean Your Tools

Uncrate are serious about their collaborations with unique designers. This time, they have teamed with high-end designer and craftsman Poritz & Studio to create the Ebony Abner Toolbox. This limited edition piece is handmade and hewn from 75-year-old reclaimed tropical walnut timber sourced from Nicaragua and then stained in ebony in Brooklyn, New York. Inside, the interior tray is perfect for holding screws and nails, while the deeper compartment can hold hammers, screwdrivers, and any other similar sized hand tools. The toolbox measures in at 45cm long, 20cm wide and 25cm high.

Each panel is fused together using finger (or comb) joints which are a resilient and unyielding form of joinery. Poritz & Studio aim to push the boundaries of the materials they use and also create products that are built to last. In saying that, this is not the sort of toolbox you would want rattling around in the tray of a Ute, it’s far better suited for a home or shed. If ebony is not your colour you can also order the toolbox crafted from a matured teak that’s sourced more locally in Central America. You can pick up the Uncrate x Poritz & Studio Toolbox right now for $265