Thinking Inside the Box – This Nike Shoebox is a Safe

Whether it’s a shoebox stuffed with old documents or that Year 8 woodwork assignment that now doubles as a receptacle for spare change, we’ve all got that old container that’s managed to find a second life as an ersatz storage unit.

Yet when it comes to actual valuables, home storage options are thin on the ground – conventional safes lack that certain panache and stuffing it in your mattress seems a little cliché. For those looking to keep their valuables secure in stylishly unique fashion, the Mandem Safe is your answer – outside-the-box thinking applied to a literal box.

nike shoe open box safe

On the outside it looks like your regulation cardboard Nike shoebox, but inside it’s hiding a 5mm folded steel interior safe to help keep your prize possessions hidden in plain sight. It’s opened via a cam lock hidden in the small, semi-circular slot on the side of the box and can even be secured to the floor thanks to a series of pre-drilled holes along the base. The safe is currently in prototype stage, but can be pre-ordered from the Mandem Safe website.

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