Turnd Offers a New Take on the Chef´s Knife

Last year’s winner of “Bayerischer Staatspreis” (i.e. Bavarian State Prize) is taking the action onto Kickstarter. The brainchild of Munich-based blacksmith and designer Michael von Stosch, Turnd delivers a new twist on the classic chef’s knife. Individually crafted as either a right or a left-handed version, each one emphasises the importance of knife handles in their ability to improve posture, control, technique, and overall handling. Specifically, the twisted handle enables a more relaxed and natural hand posture as you prepare your next meal. 

Turnd Chefs Knife

Made in Germany using one piece of stainless cutlery steel, Turnd emanates with perfect balance, unconventional beauty, and trusty ergonomics. The high-quality chef’s knife is furthermore supremely easy to clean and maintain. It comes available with a multifunctional wooden box, which doubles as both a knife stand and a sharpening system. Needless to say, this product will optimise your kitchen game in all sorts of ways.

Turnd Chefs Knife

Kickstarter is where radical ideas break into the mainstream, and Turnd will hopefully prove to be no exception. Not only is the kitchen knife ideal for slicing and dicing, but its twisted handle will improve posture by preventing your wrist from turning all the way to one direction. Because that same handle is slightly raised, it also allows you to grab the knife off any surface in a safer fashion. If quality ergonomics are missing from your daily kitchen routine, then Turnd is the product you didn’t know you needed until this very moment.

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Turnd Chefs Knife detail

Turnd Chefs Knife

Turnd Chefs Knife stand