The Most Unusual Lodging in the World – Portugal’s Tree Snake Houses

For years, nature has inspired architects everywhere. The Milwaukee Art Museum in the United States was modelled after a great white shark and The Eden Project, located in Cornwall, the United Kingdom features a pattern that was inspired by snail shells and pinecones.

portugal tree snake house outside view

The Tree Snake Houses are a pair of hotel suites that were also inspired by nature—tree snakes to be exact. These unique buildings won ArchDaily’s 2014 Building of the Year award. Created by Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, the Tree Snake Houses are positioned among trees in the Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park Resort. This resort, located in northern Portugal, is about 70 minutes from the seaside city of Porto. The hotel suites are situated in a serene, tranquil area on 20 acres of wooded land. There are numerous walking paths nearby for guests to enjoy.

portugal tree snake house inside

The Tree Snake Houses are a nature lover’s dream. They are accessed from an open bridge that gradually widens towards the entrance of the houses. The houses are lifted by a series of support columns and shaped like a pair of serpentines. A single vertical window from the “head” of the snake peers into the woods. The window is paired with a set of skylights right above it.

Inspired by the tree snake, the interior of each house is minimal and features neutral colours. Light-colored woods and white furnishings enhance the modern, minimalistic appearance of the interior.

portugal tree snake house in natural look

The architects of the Tree Snake Houses have several more units planned in the future. Their focus is on creating eco-friendly spaces that celebrate nature.

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