Upgrade Your Sofa Game with the D70 Sofa

Your living room should make your visitors feel at home. You want parents, friends and dates to feel equally welcome and have a comfortable place to sit when they come to visit. Your home décor should strike a balance between masculinity and style.

The sofa is one of the pieces that matter the most in your home. The sofa is the anchor of your living room. When most people enter your house, they will head straight to your couch. It is also probably the first thing that they notice in your home.

Although sofa shopping might not be the most exciting activity, it is important. If you are trying to save money on your home décor, I wouldn’t recommend skimping on this one piece of furniture. Find something else to save money on. Think of your sofa as an investment. It is something that you will have for many years, so you will want to choose wisely.

One of our favourite sofas is the D70 Sofa. This handsome sofa was designed back in 1953 by Milan-based furniture company Tecno. It was specially-made for a client who wanted a versatile sofa that would be perfect for lounging or sleeping. This multi-functional piece can transform from day to night with ease. A steel mechanism, located on the ends, lets you lock the seat back at different angles for either sitting or napping.

Similar to many other high-quality 1950s Italian sofas, the D70 sofa is covered in a stylish dark leather. It comes in two different colours—Cider and Smoke.

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