Urban Leaf Launches the World’s Smallest Garden on Kickstarter

The World’s Smallest Garden turns any bottle into a self-watering hydroponic garden. It’s a fun, easy and incredibly affordable way for anyone to grow fresh food at home.

The small cylindrical seed pod fits inside the neck of a bottle, which creates an optimal environment for seed germination. As the plant matures, its roots grow down into the bottle, allowing the plant to water itself, making it the perfect product for lazy gardeners. Set up is simple. Just fill a bottle with water, insert the garden and you’re ready to grow.

The World’s Smallest Garden’s creator Urban Leaf wants to provide an experience that helps people reconnect with their food. By understanding what real food looks like, where it comes from and how it’s produced, Urban Leaf hopes people will make smarter food choices. The World’s Smallest Garden is also one of the cheapest. Your plant options range from $12-$80 depending on how many seed pods you purchase. The low cost entry point allows the garden to function as a gateway product making it accessible to everyone.

The World’s Smallest Garden has just launched on Kickstarter. Early-Bird backers can take advantage of some ‘unbeleafable’ savings. What! Like your gardening pun is any better!

Check it out

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