The Uuni Pro – The World’s First Quad-Fuelled Outdoor Oven

Anyone serious about outdoor cooking should invest in an outdoor oven. Perfect for cooking pizzas, large meats and more, a good outdoor oven is indispensable when it comes to outdoor cooking.

Scotland-based company Uuni just launched an outdoor oven that is for anyone serious about outdoor cooking, the Uuni Pro. Back in 2012, the company launched the original Uuni oven, which turned out to be quite a success. The company spent the next four years conducting research to make the Uuni outdoor oven even better. The Uuni Pro is unique from most of the outdoor ovens, including the original Uuni, because of its ability to burn wood, gas, pellets or charcoal as fuel.

The Unni Pro can reach a maximum temperature of 930-degrees Fahrenheit in just fifteen minutes. There is nothing quite like a wood-fired pizza. And, if you love pizza, then you will want to have the Unni Pro as it handles pizzas very well. It is capable of cooking a large pizza in 60 seconds flat and has a large cooking space that is big enough for 16-inch pizzas. If pizza is not your thing, the Unni Pro can also accommodate pretty large cooking meats. You can put multiple items in the oven at one time. The direct heat allows all food to cook evenly. The Uuni Pro does a great job of roasting meats, fish and vegetables.

Not only is the Uuni Pro pretty impressive as far as capabilities go, but it also looks good in just about any backyard. The Uuni Pro is also portable, making it perfect for tailgating.

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