Waterlovt Is Living Afloat Done Properly

Sydney house prices got you down? Wish Melbourne was all waterfront? Not livin’ on a river got you blue? Do not despair, for the Waterlovt is here to perk you right back up. With a trend in certain parts of the world for houseboats over dry land, especially those with water-side living already a popular feature, Dutch designers Belvari Marine have come up with this completely customisable floating palace of delight.

waterlovt wood furnished

Ranging from 295 – 800 square feet in size (the largest boasts four bedrooms split over two storeys), it is either a flash alternative to a one-bedroom apartment or a family home on the harbour, depending on your needs. The design doesn’t just stop at being a looker, it’s packed to the brim with clever features including a desalination plant, a waste-to-energy converter, solar panels, and as a result can be run entirely self-sufficiently, or as a hybrid if you’ve got a proper mooring.

waterlovt roof view

While it doesn’t have an engine and needs to be towed to its final anchorage, it’s definitely one of the rarer instances where the destination definitely outweighs the journey in the enjoyment stakes. Like everything this exclusive, prices are ‘on request’, but we’re willing to wager it would still give Sydney property prices a run for their money.

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waterloft large open space

waterloft front design