WE’s K01 Gyuto Chef’s Knife is Form and Function

Gyuto knives are a traditional Japanese chef knife that is arguably the most useful and most used in a kitchen’s drawer. The blade varies in size, but typically falls somewhere in the range of 210 mm to 270 mm in length. Similar to western chef knives, the Gyuto is taller at the heel and has a flat profile for easier chopping. As you move toward the tip of the blade, it begins to belly out, for rock cutting. Finally, the tip is pointed for more precision work. Gyutos are suitable for meat, fish, poultry, and just about any other task in the kitchen.

WE recently launched their WK01 Gyuto chef knife, and not only does it look to be just as diverse and useful as any other Gyuto, it’s also a masterpiece of forging. The WK01 has 67 layers of Damascus steel. The blade measures 235 mm and only 2.4 mm at its thickest point. The grind is flat, and it has a HRC59-61 hardness rating. The handle is a mix of woods and has an octagonal shape. This is a blade that will get the job done, but will leave you wondering if you want to risk using such a beautiful object for such menial tasks.

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