Why the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold is an All Year Round Essential

Let us paint you a picture. A single brick beachy bungalow built in the late 1980s. We’re talking a slew of single-pane windows, drafty floorboards and a roof full of asbestos… It’s not much, but it’s home. Being a rental, there’s not much we can do in terms of modifications. But god damn, it does get chilly in winter.

So, what the bloody hell do you do to keep your self cosy all winter long?

The everyman would find himself piling into his Hyundai i30 and heading down to Kmart to pick up a $30 heater that will not only send his electricity bill through the roof, but will also probably result in a house fire when the doggo knocks it over.

But, you’re not the everyman. You are different. You’re the kind of guy who appreciates state-of-the-art engineering. You understand that quality design, performance, and efficiency are more important than getting ‘bang for your buck’.

May we introduce the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold purifier and heater.

Sounds typically futuristic, doesn’t it? Well, when the clever clogs over in the Dyson laboratories put this snazzy piece of tech together they wanted to achieve three things. They wanted to:

  1. Keep you cool in Summer.
  2. Warm you up in Winter.
  3. Control the air pollution inside your home.

It’s a simple task but in reality, hard to achieve. People spend hundreds of dollars on a variety of machines that aim to achieve just one of these.

So, did the boffins do their job? Over the last couple of weeks, Man of Many has been putting this bad boy to the test. We’re here to see if it is really up to the challenge.


The first thing you notice about the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold is just how damn good it looks. Out of the box, the Dyson comes in either white & silver or black & nickel. Now, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because each radiates a sense of futuristic sophistication. With its matte finish and subtle profile, the Pure Hot + Cold will fit in whatever feng shui you’ve got going on at your crib.

Functionality wise, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold is a heavy hitter. Boasting the ability to rotate 350 degrees and tilt every other which way, the Pure Hot+Cold will make a small task of getting the good stuff into every crack and corner of your room.

The next key feature you’ll pick up on is the bladeless flow setup. Now synonymous with Dyson air purifiers and heaters, the powerful Air Multiplier technology delivers a seamless stream of airflow that helps to consistently circulate air around the room. Dyson clocks the Pure Hot+Cold at delivering over 290 litres of smooth, powerful airflow per second. This is the equivalent of a large Japanese sumo wrestler violently flapping you with akimbo hand fans. Trust us, it works a treat.

As always, the Dyson also includes a nice little remote that magnetically attaches to the top of the device. The remote is a little more packed than we’re used to with other Dyson products, but it speaks waves to how versatile the Pure Hot+Cool is.


It just wouldn’t be a Dyson if it wasn’t jam-packed with the sort of tech you’d only ever see in a James Bond flick. The Pure Hot+Cold is without a doubt the most advanced piece of tech they’ve released so far.

With the ability to sense, report and cleanse air pollutants in real-time, the Pure Hot+Cold is ideal for anyone hypo-allergic or that justs want to keep their home air cleaner. On the front of the device is an small screen that has the ability to give a detailed report on can see readings for: PM2.5 (fine particles that can make their way into your lungs); PM10′ (particles that can cause asthma attacks and respiratory issues) VOCs’ (volatile organic compounds found in deodorants, cleaning products and some old furniture); and NO2 (the toxic pollutant from cars and the burning of fossil fuels).

If that’s all a bit too technical for you, the Pure Hot+Cold will give you an overall Air Quality scale.

All this data is tracked and stored for your perusal in the Dyson Link app. The Pure Hot+Cold’s connectivity through the Dyson Link is surprisingly one of our favourite features. With the ability to remotely control the device, schedule activity, track air quality or just generally nerd out over.

Sometimes, you just don’t need the head noise that comes with all these features. That’s where the Auto mode comes in. With a real set and forget vibe, this mode allows you to set the desired room temperature and then Pure Hot+Cold will do all the thinking for you.

We’ve also heard rumours of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold supporting Amazon Alexa. However, we haven’t been able to fully test these features. From other research we’ve done, it seems that the near future could see Dyson fully supporting smart home capabilities in the near future.


It might look good and have all the bells and whistles, but does the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold really keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer?

Short answer… bloody oath. The three in one device delivers on all fronts. Its ability to quickly and efficiently heat or cool a room makes it a household staple all year round. At its core, all the technology and features boil down to making it one of (if not the) best heater + fan on the market at the moment. From Mildura to Melbourne, the climate control delivered by the Pure Hot+Cool is unmatched.

In terms of air purification, we did a series of incredibly stringent tests to see how the Pure Hot+Cold held it’s own. First up, a liberal spray of aerosol deodorant. Within seconds the device picked up the air pollutants present and silently whirred into action. Within a minute and a half, the AQ was back to normal. Secondly, we tried in it in classic uni-student living room filled with, ahem, suspended smoke particles.

The hotboxing attempts of four engineering students were no match for the little Dyson’s ability to clean a room’s air with ease.

If you want air purification without the cooling, chuck the device in diffused mode. The unique Dyson air valve projects air through the back of the machine while maintaining effective purification. Perfect for when you’re asleep, out of the house or just sitting pretty.

Another feature, we’re addicted to is the Pure Hot+Cold’s ability to set a cycle schedule. Hands down, it can make those early morning wake-ups enjoyable (almost). The Dyson Link app is a must-have companion to get everything out of this product.


We’ve had a good crack at summing up all the features jammed into this little gadget, but really it’s something you got to get your hands on to fully understand its ability to change the feeling of a room. Truth is, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold has the potential to transform that drafty ’80s beach bungalow into a warm and inviting cabin.

Their air purification ability, again, sets the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold apart from all others. Never before has there been a three-in-one device that works so effectively and efficiently.

At its price point. It might not be for everyone. Coming in at AUD$899 dollars, it’s a lot to spend on what could essentially be dumbed down to a snazzy radiator and a fan. But, the value of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold is really found in the quality of the design, technology, performance and service that places customer satisfaction at the forefront of every interaction.

Fact is, the boffins have achieved their goal. This isn’t the sort of fan you bring out for three months of the year and then let collect dust in the garage. The Pure Hot+Cold purifier and heater is an intelligent and powerful all-in-one device that will become a staple in your home all year round.

And it’ll look damn good while doing it.