Wine, Wine, Wine, Wine, Wine, Wine – Libreria de Vino

I’m sure I can vouch for most men out there; wine is one of our best friends. Some may argue that beer might take that mantle, but I beg to differ on that. Well, in some ways. Okay, I’ll actually play it safe, let’s start again. To all the wine connoisseurs, I introduce to you the Libreria de Vino, as Wine Library. Made entirely of laser cut iron corten, it is the most spectacular and customisable wine storage you’ll ever see. For a wine enthusiast and someone who is slightly OCD when it comes to organisation, just feasting my eyes on all the bottles perfectly stored is so pleasing. I’m sure someone can relate to this feeling.

full house wine

The Wine Library can be used in kitchens, wine cellars, wineries and restaurants. And it comes with a rollable ladder with rails and back lights. And the makers were aware that wine bottles come in different sizes, hence their creation comes in six different modules, allowing for complete customisation to store all wine bottles. I would prefer to be in this library indulging on wine rather than reading books.

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wine bar inside view