WORX New Saw is For Real Men Only

Every man wants to feel like a REAL MAN, and there may be no better way to accomplish that than by purchasing a big saw to cut some stuff down. Or maybe you actually are one and you’re just in need of an awesome saw. Regardless of your goals, it’s well known that reciprocating saws make projects easier. And if you’re in the market, WORX recently unveiled their 20V Max Lithium-ion Reciprocating Saw WX508.9 to join their ever expanding Powershare Range.

worx saw cutter

The WX508.9 performs easily through very labour-intensive applications, and can cut just about anything it comes across. The saw is also cordless so there’s no worry about tripping yourself up. With a no-load speed of 2,900rpm and a pendulum function, you will benefit from improved cutting efficiency when sawing through wood, PVC pipe, and steel materials.

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