You Know The Property Market is Tough When the House Comes with a Free Lambo

The current pre-election climate here in Australia is as predictably insipid and as filled with insult-flinging as one should by now expect of any group of politicians, but one of the most common themes is the eternally beleaguered property market. Property is Australia has long been a contentious issue, with many young people struggling desperately to get their foot in the door of a market geared towards rewarding investors over first home buyers.

One side of the fence will tell you that the market has created a bubble which will inevitably burst, especially in the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, where NIMBY-ism has led to a boom in new developments in fringe suburbs with a lack of supporting infrastructure. The other side will tell you that there’s no bubble, everything is fine, and that property investment is good for Australia etc, etc, etc.

One thing we can say for sure, however, is that if you’re offering a free Lamborghini Huracan with the sale of your home, the market’s not exactly screaming success stories.

This five bedroom, six bathroom house located in Brisbane’s affluent Ascot district is currently on the market for AUD$8.8 million, and the owners are so eager to get it off their hands that they’re offering a free Lambo to the final buyer. While it does kinda sound like splitting hairs at that price, the grasshopper-gut-green supercar is promised as a bonus to whomsoever is willing to hand over the significant sum of dosh for the residence.

With all the trimmings one would expect from an Ascot abode (cinema, seven-car garage, pool table, cellar, two swimming pools, gym, sauna, etc), the house (named ‘Belvedere’, because of course it is) was built by Zephyr Industries. In addition to the Italian speed machine, it also comes with a 150-litre barrel of an undisclosed Barossa Shiraz, and a 150-litre barrel of an also unspecified McLarenvale Montepulciano.

While the topic of property investors negative gearing their houses has plagued political discourse in this country for decades, and we can safely speculate that anybody with enough cash to afford this home will almost certainly be doing so with their other ‘nest-eggs’ if they have them, we’re also happy to report that the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox of the Huracan is nothing but a positive experience.

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