YT Touch is the Defrosting Tray You’ve Been Waiting For

Soaring past its goal on Kickstarter is the YT Touch Defrosting Tray from Yeti Touch. Put simply, this is the defroster you’ve been asking for, whether you knew it or not. What exactly makes this kitchen essential so handy? How about the fact that it can evenly defrost frozen meat, poultry or seafood in literally half the time as standard defrosters, still leaving all the nutrients and flavours intact? Indeed, say goodbye to last ditch efforts (like microwaving) that virtually always compromise the quality of your food.

yt defrosting tray meats

To work its magic, the YT Touch relies on cast-moulded aerospace-grade aluminium to suck the cold out. The result is optimised performance and supremely strong processing properties. Within minutes, you’re food is thawed and ready for slicing. For an extra touch an efficiency, the defroster also doubles as a cutting board. And if you’re worried about water overflowing off the board, don’t be–there’s a small compartment underneath the tray to capture any runoff water.

yt defrosting tray prawns

Needless to say, whether you’re defrosting ice, fruit, meat or seafood, the YT Touch has you covered. Given the indisputably healthy funding its getting on Kickstarter, expect to see this baby hitting a kitchen near you in the not-too-distant future. Or you can get in on the action now by taking advantage of the early bird specials.

Check it out

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