4 Reasons Why People Love Sled Legs

Think sledding is just for kids? Innovative new product Sled Legs make this childhood activity fun for adults too. Sled legs make sledding easy. Just strap them on your legs, take a few quick steps and enjoy the ride. Here are four things that people love about Sled Legs.

The best part about Sled Legs is that you wear them. This means that you don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy sled to the top of the hill when you are finished sledding. Walk up the hill with them attached to your legs. It is as simple as that!

Remember when you were young and would head right to the sledding hill right as soon as the first snow falls? With Sled Legs, it is easy to have just as much fun as you did when you were a kid. Simply strap on a pair of these sleds and you are ready to go out and enjoy the snow.

man wear sled legs

Although snowboarding or skiing might be fun, wrangling a snowboard or pair of skis to the nearest ski hill or mountain is a hassle. Sled legs are lightweight and easy to transport. Just pop them in your trunk and pull them out whenever you want to have a little spontaneous fun.

If you have ever worn shin protectors or goalie pads, you will probably be comfortable wearing Sled Legs. They feature a rigid ABS plastic shell on the outside and soft, foam padding on the inside. The feel just like you are wearing shin protectors. They feature adjustable straps and are available two different sizes. So, this makes them comfortable for both shorter and taller people.

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