The 5.11 Operator Axe Makes an Impression

5.11 Tactical is the go-to brand for law enforcement, military and public safety professionals. Their gear is reliable, innovative and accurate. These products look good too–a definite step up from the average public safety gear we’ve seen in previous decades. So when your house is on fire, not only will 5.11 Tactical help that firefighter kick in the door, they’ll add a small dose of flair to the whole process. Your life has just been saved in style.


Which brings us to one of the company’s latest products: the 5.11 Operator Axe. To help build this black beauty, 5.11 brought in survival expert Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics. Naturally, that means the 5.11 Operator Axe is fully functional but also sleek as hell–the kind of tool you retire by mounting on the wall to impress your friends. This exceptional piece of gear truly brings out both meanings in the word “sharp”.

Just mentioning the specs of the Operator Axe puts a little jolt in our spine: 7mm-thick stainless plate steel, a 21mm hammer, metric and standard hex drivers, rounded handle edges, a sheet metal cutter with nail-remover, and a two-piece sheath are just some of the features. The Operator Axe, like so many other products from 5.11 Tactical, will definitely make you think twice before getting on the wrong side of the law!

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