A WWOO Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Could Be Your BBQ Headquarters

When summer hits, thoughts of cooking outdoors are as natural as sear lines on a good steak. But do your cooking facilities match up to your cooking aspirations? No need to struggle with ad hoc facilities when you can order a lasting concrete outdoor kitchen made to your specifications by WWOO Kitchens. Based in the Netherlands, WWOO offers workspaces for grill masters that can streamline your cooking process.

Each WWOO kitchen is built to order and can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. The modular format means that the concrete kitchen can fit into any backyard, regardless of the configuration. And since it’s concrete, when it’s time for clean up all you have to do is break out the hose. WWOO works with the Big Green Egg company for its barbeques as well as Fuego for gas grills, but they can customise to fit any grill of your choice.

Concrete outdoor kitchen

Options abound, including a stainless steel sink, an integrated fireplace, wood storage crates, solid wood cutting boards, a wood-burning stove, and anything else you can dream up. You can also choose from anthracite or light grey for the colour. WWOO will also help you design your outdoor kitchen to ensure that you get it just right. Plus, these concrete kitchens make for comfortable and attractive gathering places, so you don’t have to be left alone while you’re cooking up your masterpiece.

WWOO has locations throughout Europe, as well as a store in California and in Israel, though being made of concrete, the kitchens can be sent out worldwide.

Any grill master will tell you that your setup is an important part of your cooking, and that the wrong setup can sink your dinner quickly. Make sure that you are cooking at your best with an outdoor kitchen that will last.

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