Abandon Ship with Escapod

How often do you wish that you could abandon your work-a-day ship with the simple press of an escape button? While Escapod doesn’t necessarily have an escape button feature, it does make escaping from the “real” world easy.

sleeping area of escapod

Escapod came about as a response to needing some way of quickly and easily getting away from it all. The idea started with shopping for a tear-drop camper, but those options were all overpriced and underbuilt. With no other option, the inventors of Escapod set about building their own. With the mantra of “Form follows Function,” the small Utah company started experimenting until they landed on a model and process that wouldn’t be broken by rugged terrain and harsh conditions, but wouldn’t break the bank to own it either.

escapod on the go

The Escapods are built on a frame of hand-welded 2X2 USA steel. From there, only top-grade materials are used to put the trailers together, such as lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum for the body. Two models are available. The TOPO series is built for those who want to not only get away, but get off the beaten path as well. It’s built to go anywhere your Jeep can go and comes equipped with Rhino Rack cross bars to haul gear and a Sunseeker Awning to provide shade and comfort. The Dreamscape is designed for that moment’s-notice getaway. It’s lightweight and towable by most 4-cylinder vehicles. Both come with a galley, sleeping area, and storage options.

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escapod travel

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