Action Trackchair Opens the World

For wheelchair-bound individuals, life is filled with limitations. When Tim and Donna Swenson’s son, Jeff, was paralyzed in an automobile accident in 1998, the Swensons soon found that Jeff was severely limited in what he could do—but they were determined to do something about it.

That’s when they came up with the Action Trackchair.

man stand using track chair

After selling their motorsports and marine dealership Action Sports, they went to work developing the Action Trackchair. It took ten years of working on the chair in his hobby shop, but Tim finally landed on a design that works. That hobby shop is now a manufacturing shop, with 1,900 trackchairs having been built by 2014.

man sit in track chair

The trackchair has a big vision—to help people enjoy the great outdoors by navigating through all types of terrain and doing activities they used to do or have never done before. The trackchair helps with this by replacing the wheels of a wheelchair with what amount to tank treads. The treads are able to climb over just about any terrain, while the chair offers both forward and rear tilt and even a seated to standing feature.

The chairs are also highly customisable, allowing the user to adapt them to just about any activity—from work, to hiking, camping, and hunting. With Action Trackchair, everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

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action track chair


action track chair back view


front view action track chair