Sam Evans (@samevanslife) Makes the Most Spectacular Lifestyle Videos

Here’s one for anybody stuck behind a desk, longing for a stint in the great outdoors, wishing they were living life to the fullest and not having to give two shits about what’s happening on Wall St. Meet Sam Evans aka @samevanslife – the Aussie filmmaker, influencer, well travelled world citizen and GoPro ambassador who inspires tens of thousands of eager followers with his stunning imagery and video footage from his high-flying adventures in just about every part of the world worth visiting.

In this video, Sam explores how precious life truly is, how living it to the fullest is vital and how our experiences improve us as people. Sounds corny? Sure. But just watch the damn thing. This dude gets up to so much of the good kind of mischief and there’s not a single piece of action in these five minutes that won’t make you want to book the next flight to anywhere not here. The only thing that could make this short film cooler is if it had a guitar solo from Slash. Oh wait, it does (sorta).

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sunset view

sam evans surfing over sea

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