Airboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Airboard has a fantastic range of inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP). Their fun all round SUP’s are a great for the family, casual rider or fitness freak. Made with a solid, double layer rail construction, Airboard comes with a practical luggage rack, a soft deckpad and removable fin system.

airboard cruiser stand up paddle boards

The Airboard Cruiser is the big brother of the model FUN, and the dynamic shape grants theCruiser for great traction and speed, great for lake usage. Besides two permanent fins, the board is equipped with a US box fin system which allows you to use different fins. The Cruiser comes with a high pressure pump and a three piece fiberglass paddle.

Airboard Travel inflatable stand up paddle boards

The Travel is an extremely durable inflatable SUP with great performance on moving waters like a river and the ocean. It also comes with the US box fin system to easy adjust to calm or turbulent water. The wide shape grants for good stability and offers manoeuvrability when traveling on rivers.

airboard rocket stand up paddle boards

If it is speed that you are after the Airboard Rocket with its dolphin like nose works like a displacement hull and reduces the water resistance. Another innovation is the use of new textures on the top and bottom layer which improve gliding performance like Michael Phelps in a shark skin suit.

Airboard Shark stand up paddle boards

The Shark board is an elegant and slim glider that will speed you up and help you to a great work out. It is the perfect recreational unit for an advanced athlete or adventurer wants to ride long distance.

airboard balance stand up paddle boards

If you are doing this for relaxation the Airboard Balance is a must have. It comes with an exchangeable fin and a soft deck pad that allows for a comfortable rest offshore or to perform a fitness or yoga program.

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