Allrover Stair-Rover: a Mad Descent

Whether you’re a dedicated skater who can set the Bondi bowl ablaze or you haven’t stepped on a skateboard since flying face-first into the footpath when you were 10, stop for a minute and have a look at this beauty. The Stair-Rover from longboard manufacturers Allrover is the answer to the age-old question ‘how do I ride my skateboard down a flight of steps?’ With four sets of wheels and a built-in suspension system most pogo sticks would be jealous of, it’s really, really hard not to imagine this being the most fun way to get around the city.

allrover stair rover wheels

Practice, practice, practice and you’ll surely turn more than a few heads looking cool, calm and collected as your Stair-Rover snakes its way down a set of steps like an eight-legged centipede, all without spilling a drop of latté in the process. It’s almost more a surfboard than a skateboard, but custom made for the concrete swell of the urban jungle. It’s also only $250 USD, a bargain when you think about the hours of endless attention-grabbing street cred you’ll be stacking up as you hang ten down a flight of twenty. Cowabunga dudes.

allrover stair rover side