Always Be Prepared with Titanium Survival Cards

The key to any survival gear is having it with you when you’re in a survival situation. Having a whole arsenal of every survival tool ever known to man won’t do you any good when you’re out in the wild and all that gear is in a room back home. Uncrate has a set of titanium survival cards that can be with you all the time—especially when you find yourself in those unexpected moments.

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The cards come in a set of three, with each card dedicated to a certain skill set—lock pick, fishing, and sewing. The cards include everything you need from hooks and spoons to a saw, needles, and buttons. The fishing set comes with eight single hooks and six double hooks in varying sizes. There are also three spinners included. The sewing kit includes 12 needles—six smaller needles and six large needles—as well as two hook needles. It also includes 12 buttons. The lock picking card has seven different tools to get you into any lock. The cards are precisely laser cut from a sheet of Grade 4 titanium. An adhesive neoprene backing keeps the tools organized and can be reused to keep each tool in its place after using it. With these cards, all you need is a bit of string and you’ll be able to survive many different situations.

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The cards measure 3.35 inches wide by 2.12 inches high with a depth of 0.024 inches. In other words, they are credit card sized and will fit into your wallet or can be conveniently stored in a backpack or even your car’s glovebox. Their weight is very slight as well, coming in at only 0.3 ounces. You won’t even notice that you’re carrying them around. Tools are only valuable if they are there when you need them, and the titanium survival cards can be with you all the time.

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