The Atlas Lifetime Dog Leash Keeps Your Dog Wild and Free

The Atlas Lifetime Dog Leash is the only leash you’ll ever need. One of the things you love about your dog is his wild and rambunctious side. You love that he bounds through the woods, attacks life with an energetic fervor, and never slows down. Of course, all that boundless excitement takes its toll—not so much on you, because you love keeping up with him, but on his leash (and maybe the rest of the world, but let’s be honest, that’s another reason you love him). The Atlas Lifetime Dog Leash can stand up to the beating being attached to your best friend will be.

atlas lifetime dog leash keeps your dog wild

The lifetime leash is made from materials that have been designed and tested for their strength and comfort. The 9mm ultra-premium rope has a woven structure that provides more durability, especially when it comes to resisting the chewing of the unwilling leash-wearer. The rope is also perfect for wet and dry conditions so there’s no need to worry what your dog will be getting into while wearing the leash. The plastic joints are the same joints originally designed for sailing, where their breaking could literally be a life-or-death matter. They’ve been tested to a limit of 1,000 pounds—more than enough to keep up with your dog.

atlas lifetime dog leash 9mm ultra premium rope

The leash is 5 feet long, comes with a stainless steel lobster clip, is handmade in America, and is guaranteed for life—even if your dog does manage to destroy it.

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