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Award-Winning Scandi Travel Brand Db Has Landed in the US

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Maximum function meets minimalist design at Scandi travel brand Db, which has brought their palpable passions onto North American soil. Their founders met whilst surfing and discovered a mutual love for all things outdoors, including skiing and snowboarding. That led to the creation of a wildly popular travel bag for skis and snowboards and the launching of Db. Yet Db can also mean whatever you want it to mean and their stellar output follows suit, encouraging customers to choose their own adventure across a variety of outdoor terrains. If there’s a philosophy at play here, it’s that this durable and stylish gear allows you to truly live in every sense of the word and in any possible location.

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Image: Db

Whilst born in Norway and informed by a Scandi design influence, Db doesn’t believe in traditional borders. It’s then no wonder that their resilient bags and other gear have already picked up a massive following amongst creative types, Olympians, and iconoclasts around the world. Included in their fanbase is a global team of accomplished ambassadors, such as American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg, American surfer Sage Erickson, and Norwegian photographer Olav Stubberud, to name a few. From this growing community of customers and ambassadors comes a tireless journey as the brand spreads their universal message of experience and adventure.

Then there’s the gear itself, which is built to last using the most sustainable methods possible. Whether you’re traversing through city streets or steep mountain slopes or jungle raves, best-sellers like the iconic Strøm Backpack or Æra Weekend Bag stay the course and look downright fantastic in the process. Whilst available in a variety of colours, these bags retain a minimalist core and never go out of style. That’s not to mention their ability to blend with pretty much any kind of ensemble, material, or environment. You should notice a theme developing here and that’s one of endless possibility as you hop from one adventure to the next, taking this sturdy gear along for each ride.

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Image: Db

Technological Innovations

The wilderness is full of surprises and Db uses a number of innovations to keep customers ready for anything. One of the brand’s foremost calling cards is their intelligent Hook-Up System, which allows you to connect bags together for seamless transport. A veritable hassle-saver, it allows you to haul multiple bags using just one hand.

Another inventive stalwart of Db’s arsenal is their patented Length Adjustment System, whereby applicable products can roll up and compress to a fraction of their original size. This doesn’t just enable effortless storage, but it means you can adjust the bag size to accommodate the length and volume of your gear.

A number of Db bags also feature proprietary Rib-Cage Construction, i.e. strong and lightweight ribs of polymer that deliver consistent structure inside and out. As a result, users can remove excess padding to lighten their load without compromising the bag’s protective integrity or exterior silhouette.

Db Best-Sellers

“At home anywhere, and ready for anything,” is the mantra over at Db and these best-selling bags abide. If you don’t already have a passion for Scandi design, you will soon. Here’s a quick look.

Db storm 30l 1

Image: Db

The Strøm 30L Backpack

Nothing demonstrates Db’s particular prowess quite like this durable backpack, which was designed by ski junkies with fellow snow freaks in mind. Employing a host of recycled and carefully curated materials, the bag retains a firm and unyielding structure even when it’s empty. Hook-Up System compatible, it features a fully open main compartment to allow seamless access to your gear. Choose between a variety of colours and go. Where? Anywhere.

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Db the aera 40l weekend bag

Image: Db

The Æra 40L Weekend Bag

Here we have another minimalist classic that’s ready for all the weekend adventure you can throw its way. Putting Db’s signature touch on a traditional design, The Æra 40L Weekend Bag bridges the gap between timeless aesthetic and technical superiority. Features include a roomy interior, patented Rib-Cage bottom, synthetic PU leather construction, nylon webbing, polyester lining, and Hook-Up System compatability. One look at this thing and you already feel like heading outdoors for the weekend—that’s called the Db way.

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The strom 90l rollerbag

Image: Db

The Strøm 90L Rollerbag

For those long (or short) hauls to your next global destination, Db presents this stylish and efficient wheeled rollerbag. Equal parts lightweight and sturdy, it retains its structure and protects your things even when half empty. As with its Strøm brethren (see above), the main compartment is open and spacious so you can access your belongings with ease. But let’s be honest—you knew that this luggage was in a class of its own as soon as you laid eyes on it.

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Db the hytta 50l split duffel

Image: Db

The Hytta 50L Split Duffel

Db’s take on the modern split duffel is a masterpiece of optimal design and recycled material. It comes divided into two sections to offer seamless organisation for all your clothes and gear as you embark on your next adventure. Forged from 100% Recycled Nylon 840D Ballistic with face carbonate PU coating and back PU coating, it delivers prime ergonomic comfort across even the most hostile terrains.

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Image: Db

An award-winning travel company perhaps, but Db is also a way of life. From their Scandi design philosophy to their brand manifesto, these folks want you to go out and experience your best possible self. The products listed above are but a small sample of their extraordinary output, which are crafted using sustainable materials and available to purchase through their online store. From sturdy backpacks to signature sports equipment to premium luggage, the spirit of adventure and efficiency persists. Your journey starts here.

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