The Bang Ti Multi-Functioning Folding Shovel Will Dig You More Than a Hole.

Jack of all trades you say? Hold that for a minute, and check this thing out. This right here is the Bang Ti Multi-Functioning Folding Shovel. Don’t think for a second because it’s made in China that the quality has been compromised even a smidgen – because I can assure you, it’s the real deal. High Carbon Steel fittings are matched with an Aluminum handle fit for an airplane, providing more than enough grunt should you find yourself in a less than savoury situation…

As far as features are concerned, I’m not really sure where to begin… As the name would suggest, this tool is primarily used as a shovel, though other attachments you will find are; an axe, knife (both serrated and normal kitchen blade), hammer, screwdriver, wire cutters, bottle opener (goes without saying of course), ruler and many more.

shovel folded

So regardless of whether you intend on using it for a camping trip, or just for some household chores, ‘Tim from the Amazon comments section really sums it up best. “I don’t hike or camp, so I’m not sure why I got this, but it’s very cool”. We think so too Tim, and we are sure our readers at home will agree.

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