BeauEr 3X Camper Let’s You Live Like a Space Cowboy

It’s a crying shame, but when you go to the BeauEr site, you land on a page that tells you that the company is no longer in operation. Now, companies fold all the time, and while sad, that’s not always a shame. So why the consternation over this one? Because what they were making, the BeauEr 3X Camper was a novel and unique product that could have changed the world of travel trailers.

BeauEr 3X Camper inside look

The idea was pretty innovative. The BeauEr 3X Camper made use of a telescoping technology that expanded the trailer from a teardrop-esque tow-behind into a camper that is three times the size. In effect, the 3X became a small apartment capable of hosting six people. The technology worked kind of like a nesting doll. At the push of a button, two expansions slid out from the camper, tripling its size. “Without any manipulation, all the furniture is position in place as if by magic,” said BeauEr of the expansion. BeauEr also explained, “This technique allows you to deploy three modules horizontally by tripling the living area. This operation does not require tedious installation and only one person can with minimum effort unfold all pieces.” The 3X+ expanded into a living area of 290 square feet, in effect becoming a tiny home. And because it expanded and contracted, it could technically be towed behind a car rather than requiring a bigger rig. Once expanded, the trailer included all the amenities of a traditional RV—a sofa lounger, entertainment center, kitchen, dining nook, bathroom, and bedroom.

BeauEr 3X Camper different angle

Unfortunately, it appears that BeauEr is no longer in operation, which means that the 3X Camper isn’t available. There’s no word on why they aren’t trading anymore, or if this is a permanent or temporary condition. Perhaps if there is enough interest, the company might be inspired to reopen operations, or maybe someone will pick up the patent. This is just too good of an idea to let slip into the history books.

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BeauEr 3X Camper black design