Become an Outdoor Chef with the Noori Modular Outdoor Oven

Outdoor cooking is a great way to treat friends and family to a fantastic meal, but if you want to be able to cook pizzas, barbecue, or cook over an open flame, you’ll need separate pieces of equipment, and room to store them all. Noori’s modular outdoor woodfired oven helps with that by combining it all into one unit.

Noori Modular Outdoor Woodfired Oven

The Brazilian-made oven is compact, taking up less space than a conventional charcoal grill. It’s body is made of a heat-resistant refectory concrete that has been formed into a bullet shape. An L-shaped pipe inside the body lets you burn small diameter wood to create the heat needed for the different modules. The oven is set on a tripod with large casters, so you can easily roll it wherever you plan on doing your cooking.

Noori Modular Outdoor Woodfired Oven wheel

Because it’s modular, you can use the Noori in a number of different ways. The first is as a fire pit. Simply load in your wood and set it ablaze and you’re ready to roast hot dogs or marshmallows, or just gather around for a bit of warmth. You can also use the Noori as a Rocket Stove—a vertical stove that allows you to cook recipes in pans, casseroles, or other stovetop dishes. Changing over to the BBQ grill, you can sear and smoke foods on a grate. Add on the cooker lid and you can enhance the smoke flavor even more. If you’ve got a hankering for pizza, you can set up the Noori as a wood-fired pizza oven, complete with a pizza disk. In this configuration, Noori can reach a maximum temperature around 750 degrees F.

noori outdoor oven

If you’re looking to claim the title of outdoor cooking champ, you’ll want the versatility of the Noori modular outdoor woodfired oven on your side. Best of all, you’ll get four functions out of just one unit that takes up less space than your old charcoal grill.

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Noori Modular Outdoor Woodfired Oven top

Noori Modular Woodfired Oven