Bell Boba Fett Mountain Bike Helmet

If you’re a practical type of sci-fi fan who wants a helmet with a Boba Fett themed paint job, well, the Bell Boba Fett Mountain Bike Helmet, might just be the thing you’re looking for. Sure it would be cool to have a helmet that is an exact replica of the movie prop from The Empire Strikes Back, but when you get flung off your bike and your head hits the rocks- you’re going to wish you went with the real thing.

The Bell Boba Fett Mountain Bike Helmet is just that- with just a hint of Mandalorian

swag to go with it. This rugged, light, advanced polymer head bucket will be just the right thing when you’ve gone all wiggy, lost your grip and find yourself being flung into the Sarlacc pit.

The Bell Boba Fett Mountain Bike Helmet uses an in-mold polycarbinate, (yes that is similar to carbonite, isn’t it), shell, internal x-static impact foam, 34 ventilation ports, the innovative TAG fit system, an adjustable visor, full face protection, and a back mounted missile. Just kidding.

It’s got a 4&1/2 star safety rating- down half a tick since it’s expected that anyone wearing it will be targeted by the Rebellion. It comes with a full one-year limited warranty, which is better than the Empire could do during Han’s freezing jag.

Down from $239, it now retails for just $90 USD- so if you’re looking to collect some bounties- you’ll have a little less overhead for the venture.

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