Bellroy & MAAP Extend Their Range of Cycling Essentials

Smartphones are just as essential to cyclists as they are for everyone else. Phones are used for everything from tracking a ride, wayfinding, taking photos, listening to music and of course, placing and receiving calls. With high speeds and large screens, there’s a need to protect a growing range of phone sizes while on the road. Thanks to Bellroy and MAAP you can do just that, but also in style.

bellroy maap extend range cycling waterproof phone pocket

After an overwhelmingly positive response to their first collaboration, Bellroy and MAAP are back together relaunching their Phone Pockets in new colours and a size suitable for the iPhone 7 Plus. The Phone Pocket and Phone Pocket Plus are made from durable, water-resistant all-conditions leather with a signature MAAP polka dot embossing. The YKK Aquaguard zipper offers sealed protection from the elements and quick access even with cold or gloved fingers. Both Pockets are available with the original black colouring or in the new Arctic Blue colourway.

bellroy maap pocket men touch

MAAP is committed to developing the art and progression of cycling through a considered approach to style, innovation and performance while Bellroy puts its heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry with greater simplicity and ease. Together they created a considered Phone Pocket that balances stunning aesthetics with excellent functionality.

Check it out

bellroy maap pocket men touch body shape

blue color bellroy maap pocket men touch

bellroy maap phone case

bellroy maap phone capture picture

bellroy and maap phone case

black color bellroy and maap phone case

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