The Better Bottle – Platypus Meta Bottle and Microfilter

Gone are the days where you needed to pump water into a bottle or use an electronic treatment device. With the new Platypus Meta Bottle, a removable micro-filter allows drinkers to consume directly from the large mouthpiece or squeeze water through the filter into another vessel. Just unscrew the top and squeeze the soft bottom of the bottle, which forces the water through an EPA certified filter that removes all bacteria and protozoa. And because the water is forced through the filter by pressure there’s no need to suck the drink in as with other filter and sports bottles.

platypus meta bottle and microfilter inside system

The Platypus Meta Bottle is ideal for outdoor lovers, with impact resistant coating that ensures it can take a beating on those crazy hikes and trails. That’s not to mention how the bottle is a true lifesaver when you run out essential water supplies. It comes in uniform colours like slate grey, but it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about function. And it doesn’t get much more functional than this.

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platypus meta bottle and microfilter in hand