blackwolf turbo 240 tent

BlackWolf Turbo 240 Tent

blackwolf turbo 240 large and comfortable tent

A heavy-duty tent gives you the freedom to sleep just anywhere when traveling without having to search for a B&B. Tailored especially for Aussie conditions, BlackWolf Turbo 240 Tent’s design is focused on great ventilation and water resistance which are provided for up to 4 people. This large, comfortable tent is great for longer trips, given it is super fast to pitch. It’s based on a 3 pole awning, with optional side and front panels. There’s a large front door and side windows, as well as roof vents to provide users with enough fresh air. The tent is not exactly tailored for backpackers though, given it weighs 19 kg, but it probably doesn’t matter when it comes to road trips.

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