The Bomberdrome Short Film

The Bomberdrome or ‘bicycle wall of death’ is a short documentary which follows two brothers, Bill and Reg’s personal project to design and build their own cycling playground. Cyclists, not ‘sportsmen’ the two protagonists do not have road bikes, they do not wear Lycra at the weekends, and they started cycling in order to avoid taking the bus as kids. What started as a necessity grew to a passion and way of life culminating in desire to build the Bomberdrome. Entered into the 2012 Northants Film Festival, the documentary is an engaging and rather endearing look at the brother’s journey from conception through the build and beyond. Despite the rather unlikely subject matter, the film touches on a very simple desire to create your own joy. Not sure whether Bill and Reg’s mum feel the same as she paid for half the venture, but it makes rather charming viewing none the less.

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