BioLite HeadLamp Rethinks the Classic Wearable

Outdoors brand BioLite has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first headlamp described as high-performance backed by a killer fit.

HeadLamp costs USD $49. It packs 330 lumens and is backed by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering 3.5 hours of use on its max setting or an impressive 40 hours on low. Functions include full brightness, spot/floodlight, strobe, and red night vision. It’s charged via micro-USB.

HeadLamp stands out thanks to its comfort factor. Biolite integrated the electronics into the fabric with a custom moulded housing. The light is ultra-thin and avoids that doorknob-on-the-head look of other headlamps. The battery is moved to the rear to redistribute the weight, avoiding that annoying bounce.

biolite headlamp used by campers

The moisture-wicking band keeps your forehead comfortable and dry during activity with easy-adjust clips that take the guesswork out of sizing. The thin, comfort-focused build is inspired by smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

Like many of its portable lighting solutions, Biolite sought funding via crowdfunding site Kickstarter. So far they’ve raked in over $388k worth of pledges. There’s still plenty of time to secure your own HeadLamp in one of four colours.

Unfortunately, the campaign is open to the US and Canada only. Biolite’s HeadLamp is expected to ship December 2018. Hopefully, this means everyone else can purchase one for themselves in 2019 when the lamp hits retail.

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biolite headlamp kickstarter concept

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