The Shoal Tent Lets You Sleep with The Fishes

Sick of four-legged friends wandering into your tent late at night? Hard ground too uncomfortable to sleep on? What if you could camp without any of these downsides, in an area that doesn’t have the threat of animals near your tent and has more cushion than the forest floor. Enter the Shoal Tent, which only requires a body of water to create a unique and comfortable camping experience.

shoal tent top on water

Basically a floating raft with a tent on top, the Shoal Tent allows you to camp on the surface of just about any body of water, turning your campsite into a houseboat, or tentboat, if that’s such a thing. Without any tent poles, the entire structure is totally inflatable, allowing it to stand up to high winds without any problem. With three air chambers that are each six inches thick, the raft is almost impenetrable, so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night sinking and waterlogged. Simply blow up the Shoal Tent and paddle out to the middle of the body of water and drop anchor so you stay put in one place.

spent night shol tent

It will allow you to camp for the night where no one has camped before, giving you a whole new perspective on the world around you. And a dingo won’t get your baby. Can dingoes swim? Somebody check that…

Check it out

 floating shole tent

floating water shole tent

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