Get Your Inner Superhero on with the RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool

Who doesn’t want to be Batman? The cars, the gadgets, the money, the girls. You might be on your own with most of those things, but the RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool can help you out with the gadgets. It’s not a bat-a-rang, but it is a pocket-sized grappling hook.

compact retrieval tool is durable

This grappling hook is about the size of an average keychain flashlight or even a thumb drive. The spikes are hidden inside the tube. Simply twist off the top, remove and install the spikes, attach a cord, and you’re retrieving lost items. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, the RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool is durable. It also features a rare-earth magnet in the head to facilitate retrieving metal objects.

compact retrieval tool lightweight

Here’s a little dose of reality, however. The RETREEV is not a weight-bearing tool. You won’t be able to scale buildings, or swing from ledges, or stop crimes. You will, however, be able to use the RETREEV to rescue lost items from tree branches or off the roof, reach items that may have fallen off a ledge or into a grate, lower gear or supplies from higher elevations, or suspend gear in a camp or storage unit. So, you may not exactly be the caped crusader with the RETREEV, but you can still save the day.

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