Get Strapped with Multifunctional Wrapties

Wrapties straps are multifunctional tie-downs that will become your new go-to when it’s time to tie things down. Wrapties feature a patent pending “Auto Grab” feature. This feature allows you to strap things down or together without having to rely on the old-school hooks that can scratch and damage.

Wrapties use high tension, industrial grade straps that have an elastic capability. Similar to a bungee cord, the straps can be stretched to fit any need. And no need to worry about excess. Just layer the strap over itself and the Auto Grab feature will keep the strap in place. That same functionality makes the Fast Grab End possible. You won’t have to look for somewhere to attach the strap to, just loop the Wraptie around a potential anchor and you’re done.

You can even join two Wrapties together using the Fast Grab End to quickly double the length of the strap.

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The strap works by having alternating lengths of hook-and-loop Velcro. All you have to do is twist the strap and line up the sections of Velcro and you’re done. The strap comes in 130 cm, 180 cm, and 240 cm lengths and starts at USD$29 per pair.

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