Glamping? Only if it’s in this Tent House

Let’s get one thing out of the way: glamping is not camping. The idea of combining glamour and camping is like oil and water, cats and dogs, or power tools and the color pink. They don’t mix. They’re anathema. Camping with amenities isn’t camping; it’s a crime against nature. The only amenity you need when camping is a dense enough bush to give you some cover while you answer nature’s call—and even that’s not a requirement.

So when Sparks Architecture came up with the idea of a tent house, it was no doubt met with a bit of skepticism from bearded survivalists. But, once you get a look at the house, you can’t help but be won over.

Nestled into a pocket of rainforest in the Noosa hinterland, the tent house is surrounded by trees 40 meters tall. A small creek adds to the ambiance. The house itself is a simple three-bedroom dwelling with a kitchen and living space. Nooks provide more living space as well as storage, and the corridors face east and west, capitalizing on the surroundings to add to the feel of being out camping. The walls and roof can be opened up to further mimic that tent feel. The fly-over roof serves the dual function of shelter but also stacked insulation.

While glamping seems at odds with what most of us would view as truly being out in nature, if it includes this house…well, it’s a true temptation.

Check it out

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