Goal Zero Lithium Yeti Power Stations are a Glamper’s Best Friend

Call it camping. Call it glamping. Call it fueling your iPhone addiction. Bottom line is Goal Zero developed a safe, clean alternative, to traditional outdoor generators and portable batteries.

Born from a desire to enhance lives through renewable energy, Goal Zero’s new Lithium Yeti Range offers the brand’s most versatile and innovative portable power stations to date. Each power station provides adventure seekers with the power to run USB, AC and DC devices anywhere, anytime.

Sadly, the solar panels are sold separately, so even if you opt for the traditional 240v charging via the included wall charger, you are still in for dozens of hours with the modern luxuries you can’t live without.

images portable yeti power station

There are 3 new power stations to choose from. The Lithium Yeti 400 is compact, lightweight and perfect for weekend adventures. With a 400Wh capacity, It displays real-time usage data via an upgraded display, two AC outputs, three USB ports, and a 12V output. The Lithium Yeti 400 can charge 30 phones, 6-8 laptops, or give you a 12V LED light for 140 hours. Grab one for AUD $999.95.

Lithium Yeti 1400 tackles the toughest jobs with 1400Wh of power. High-quality, replaceable lithium packs yield long run times and feature additional monitoring electronics for ultimate safety. With multi-stage surge capability, you can safely power tools, fans, refrigerators, film equipment and more. Lithium Yeti 1400 goes for AUD $2699.95.

multi charging ports yeti portable power station

With over ten versatile ports and 3000Wh of power, the Lithium Yeti 3000 is perfect for life off the grid. This Yeti has preinstalled wheels and a telescoping handle. Fully recharged in 25 hours, the Yeti 3000 can run a 32” LCD TV for 30 hours, fridge for 50+ hours and lights for 1000+ hours. This one retails for AUD $4999.95

Goal Zero’s new Lithium Yeti power stations are available now. For more life off the grid, be sure to visit our dedicated camping page.

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