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This Handy Car Awning Deploys in Just 3 Seconds

Awnings are a pretty simple idea. They’ve been around…well, as long as man has been looking for shade. Car awnings, however, have been plagued in their ability to deliver on the simple premise behind what an awning is supposed to do. Yet there still seems to be a pretty big appetite for these simple devices as evidenced by Kammock’s incredible Kickstarter success for their new easy-to-deploy car awning. Within an hour they had surpassed their $10,00 funding goal, and it’s easy to see why.

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Kammok car awning | Image: Kickstarter

Based out of Austin, Texas, it’s little wonder that Kammock puts its efforts into identifying shady opportunities. “Traditional car-mounted awnings are not designed for quick, immediate use,” says the Kickstarter campaign. “Long setup times prevent you from staying dry when the rain comes, and the hassle of setup often discourages you from ever wanting to set them up in the first place. We realized they were one piece of gear we rarely used. We knew there needed to be a simple solution—an awning so easy to use that you didn’t even need to set your drink down to deploy it.”

To accomplish that vision, Kammock abandoned the metal lags of other designs and created a self-supporting X-frame. Available in two sizes (a 5-foot and a 7-foot version), the Crosswing awning deploys to depths of 3 feet, 4.9 feet, and 6.5 feet. At the largest size and depth, you get a total of 45.5 square feet of coverage. Installing it is simple; it hooks to the car rack and can be done by just one person in a couple of minutes. It’s made of waterproof material and is resistant to mould, UV light, and winds up to 25 miles per hour.

Watching a video of the Kammock Crosswing being deployed proves that it can indeed be set up in just a matter of three seconds. If you’re looking for portable shade, you’ll want to join the more than 240 backers of the Kickstarter campaign to make this car awning a reality.

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Kammok car awning | Image: Kickstarter

Kammock 3 second awning

Kammok car awning | Image: Kickstarter

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Kammok car awning | Image: Kickstarter

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Kammok car awning | Image: Kickstarter


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