Lightweight Mantis Hammock Tent is a Camping Revolution

Let’s start by giving American outdoors brand Kammock credit for adopting the kangaroo, an Australian icon, as its logo. Now, we’re actually here to spruik their latest piece of camping equipment – The Mantis all-in-one hammock tent.

Mantis is a lightweight hammock tent that’s incredibly easy to erect. Even with a wealth of features like the breathable hammock body, an integrated insect net, and feather-light rainfly, Mantis can still be set up in just 60 seconds. Best of all sleeping in the hammock tent lifts you off the cold, hard ground improving neck and back support and reduces the need for a mattress.

Kammock has introduced a knotless suspension system, meaning no more knots in ropes and no more tent poles. To set up the hammock tent, simply wrap the included python straps around two trees spaced between 4 to 5.4 metres apart (13 to 18 feet), and clip in.

When it’s time to move on, Mantis can be quickly torn down and packed up smaller than a sleeping bag. This hammock tent is all-around easier to use and more beneficial for solo campers.

So you’re asking where do I get one of these revolutionary hammock tents? Well, Kammock is successfully raising funds via Kickstarter, meaning you can lock-in your own Mantis today priced from $185 USD which is around $45 off the eventual retail price. Kammock will begin shipping orders for Mantis, the all-in-one hammock tent in April 2019.

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