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nCamp’s Wood Burning Camping Stove is a Travel Essential You’ll Actually Use

One of the joys of camping is cooking your own meal over an open flame. Of course, that can also be one of the trials of camping as well, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to opt-in on that “roughing it” philosophy, you can scrounge up dry wood and try to start a fire—but that’s assuming you can find wood, and that you can keep your open fire safe. You could also lug around a heavy “portable” stove—but let’s be honest, who actually wants to do that? Fortunately, you have a third option. The nCamp Stove is an ultra-compact wood-burning stove that you can carry in your backpack, making hot food, warm beverages, and a toasty fire a simple matter while you enjoy the great outdoors.

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nCamp Wood Buring Camping Stove | Image: nCamp/Facebook

The nCamp Wood Burning Camping Stove is a collapsible unit that measures just 9 x 6 x 1.5 inches when folded up. That’s small enough to slip into a pocket of your backpack, much less taking up valuable real estate alongside the rest of your gear. And don’t worry about the weight. The nCamp Wood Burning Camping Stove only weighs 33 ounces—that’s less than 2 pounds.

When you reach your campsite, just extend the 6.3-inch long legs and you have a safe place to burn wood or charcoal. When extended, the stove is strong and stable enough to put on a kettle, skillet, or even a coffee pot. The combustion chamber is specifically designed to maximize the heat generation of your fire so that you can cook faster. Plus, in addition to burning wood or charcoal, the nCamp stove can also burn liquid fuels.

Perhaps best of all is the price of the nCamp Wood Burning Camping Stove. You can pick one up for just $65. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the rest of their products as well as their bundle deals. You’ll get quality gear that takes the trials out of camping so you can get back to “roughing it.”

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Ncamp wood burning camping stove

nCamp Wood Buring Camping Stove | Image: nCamp/Facebook

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Ncamp wood burning camping stove 2

nCamp Wood Buring Camping Stove | Image: nCamp/Facebook

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