The North Face Geodome 4 Expands an Innovative Design

The North Face Geodome 4 took Dr. Buckminster Fuller’s original idea for a geodome tent and beefed it up from a two meter dome to a four meter dome. The idea behind the geodome was to use nature’s strongest shape—a triangle—more fully. Because of its stronger design, the Geodome 4 can withstand winds up to 26 meters/second. The dome is created with five main poles and one equator pole (compared to the original 2-meter dome’s 12 poles). The surface of the tent is further strengthened by tensioning draw ropes.

north face domes perfect tent

Domes aren’t original to this tent, but what is original is the more spherical shape. In tents, including dome tents, which are mainly hemi-sperhical, you have corners that turn into dead space because there isn’t enough room to store anything there. The spherical shape of the Geodome 4 eliminates corners, creating more high areas in the tent rather than a single spot in the middle. Additionally, the Geodome 4 is taller (2.1 meters), allowing occupants to stand inside. The Geodome 4 comfortably sleeps four people with a floor space of 4.12 square meters. The inner tent can also be covered by a bright yellow fly sheet for added protection. The whole tent—poles included—weighs only 11.07kg, making it perfect for long hikes into the back country.

The North Face first released the Geodesic Dome Tent in 1984, and it has become the symbolic tent of many North Face expedition teams. Currently, they’re also developing a family-sized dome tent.

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