RhinoWolf 2.0 Modular Tent is Perfect for Cosy Camping

The team behind RhinoWolf 2.0 wants you to know that they didn’t just create a solo tent. They created an outdoor sleeping system that combines essential camping gear into one durable, lightweight “super tent.”

The RhinoWolf 2.0 combines a tent shell, blanket and air mattress into one pack that remains surprisingly slim and is far easier to transport than attempting to lug around all three separately.

Although our favourite feature is the modular design that encourages campers to connect with other RhinoWolf tents to house everyone under the one roof. The innovative “roll and lock” technology ensures the elements cannot leak through the connection between tents.

modular tent on kickstarter

The RhinoWolf 2.0 shell is made of a windproof premium polyester and can withstand up to 2000 ml of rain. If the rain ever gets that heavy, it’s probably time to pack up and head home.

For stowing bags and equipment, unrolling the two adjustable flaps creates storage space up off of the ground. New features in the RhinoWolf 2.0 include two vents for improving airflow, and the 1-Pole frame is reengineered for faster setup.

The accompanying air mattress is lightweight, supportive, comfortable, and inflates super quickly with the RhinoWolf air pump. The mattress is also made from polyester and is insulated.

rhinowolf tent air matress

The sleeping bags are technically comfy blankets that zip right onto the bottom of the tent, creating a snug pocket to cosy up in solo or with a friend. They come in two variations: The standard weighs 150g and is made of synthetic fibres while the Down sleeping bag/blanket is made of duck down.

The team behind RhinoWolf 2.0 funded the new super tent via Kickstarter, raking in over $1.5 million AUD. The campaign has just come to an end so unfortunately, it’s too late to score a modular tent at early bird prices. Although you will still be able to score one of these tents shortly as they are expected to hit retail around December 2019.

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modular tent on kickstarter

rhinowolf tent on kickstarter

modular campign tent